Hi, I’m Dr. Sally LaMont…
a naturopathic doctor and acupuncturist, cook and mom.

As a Kansas Girl who was raised in a “Father Knows Best” home, I had a unique vantage point to witness the devastating effect of bad food on good health.

First, there was my dad’s side of the family. We were fortunate to live down the street from my paternal grandparents and learn from their connection to the natural world.

We spent our summers playing in Grandma’s garden, picking ripe tomatoes from the vine and helping her can food for the winter. Grandpa worked their orchard and hunted ducks, quail and pheasant for our Sunday dinners. Descendants of the pioneers, they’d both been teachers in the classic one-room schoolhouse, instilling in me a love of nature, food and family.

On the other side, things weren't as rosy. My maternal grandparents lived another kind of life, and the results were devastating.

My mom’s parents worked themselves to the bone running a “greasy spoon” in Kansas City during World War II. Sadly, I never knew them, because they both died of heart attacks in their early 50s. This shocked me as a kid. What caused them to die so young?

My mom was the classic 1950’s housewife, enamored with “modern” packaged food. We grew up eating Spam sandwiches on Wonder Bread with a big glass of milk and snacked on Twinkies and Ding Dongs.

It wasn’t long before I was suffering from constant colds, receiving a new antibiotic prescription for each one. As a teen, I began to develop acne and stomach aches.

My mom struggled with debilitating migraines and a slow march towards obesity, diabetes and dementia.

After decades of my Mom’s “cooking”, my Dad had two heart attacks, and esophageal and colon cancer. I watched my extended family develop obesity, heart disease, diabetes, dementia and cancer.

Observing these two distinct families at the dinner table, I had a sense that food was playing a role in their declining health. But this was the 1970’s, and the connection between diet and health still wasn’t accepted (and was, in fact, denied).

As I witnessed the devastating effect that bad food had in eroding the health of my family, I knew I wanted to learn more about the connection between diet, health and disease.

I spent weekends in the library devouring cookbooks. I watched Julia Child and Jacques Pepin on PBS and began to teach myself how to cook.

I majored in human biology, studied nutrition and microbiology, in search of the root cause of dis-ease.

Luckily, my favorite microbiology professor pointed out that the underlying health of the “host” actually determines whether one would succumb to infection or disease. What a thought: Could we actually build resilience and protect ourselves from illness?

Dr. Sobieski told me about naturopathic medicine, a 4-year medical school that trains naturopathic physicians to focus on the root cause of disease and use natural treatments to strengthen our body’s innate healing capacities. Now that sounded interesting!

Once I realized that being a naturopathic doctor would give me the opportunity to study natural medicine and teach people how to grow their health, I knew I’d found my calling.  

I’ve been in practice as a ND and acupuncturist for over 30 years now, integrating the best of the East with the West. I’ve helped thousands of people get their health back through the right diet, supplements and lifestyle shifts.

I’ll admit to being a “biochem geek” and love studying the science of nutrition. I “grew up” in the functional medicine movement, with Dr. Jeffery Bland as one of my nutrition professors in naturopathic medical school. Dr. Bland is the internationally recognized founder of “functional medicine”, which addresses the underlying causes of disease by partnering closely with patients to examine the interactions between their genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors. Learn more at: Dr Bland's Site and The Institute for Functional Medicine.

I’m also an activist. When my daughter, Jasmin, was a baby, I took a sabbatical to lead the legislative campaign to license naturopathic doctors as primary health care providers in California. It was a challenging journey, but we were successful and now 38 million Californians can work with licensed naturopathic doctors to restore their health.
After 10 years back in practice, I recognized the need for a broader platform to educate and empower people with vital information about the healing power of food and natural medicine, I’ve launched Dr. Sally’s Kitchen.com. 

My mission is to help you learn how to feed and care for yourself and family so your children can grow up playing with their grandparents and break the cycle of chronic disease.

You can take control of this process. 

Let me show you how to eat to raise your energy, clear brain fog, lose weight, and reverse the tide of chronic disease!

Click here to join me on this vital journey! 

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