Hi, I’m Dr. Sally LaMont…
a naturopathic doctor and acupuncturist, cook and mom.

I’ve spent my career teaching people about food and helping them achieve optimal health with diet and lifestyle medicine at my busy practice in Northern, California.

I started to cook in college as a survival strategy. Now it’s grown into a pleasure and passion. I can’t stop playing in my kitchen and I cook everyday. As a result, I’ve got a fantastic repertoire of delicious and healthy recipes to share.

I love blending my knowledge of nutritional medicine with traditional foods from around the world. My recipes can benefit a wide range of common health problems plaguing families today, from digestive problems to diabetes.

I’ll admit to being a biochem geek and love studying the science of nutrition. I “grew up” in the functional medicine movement, with Dr. Jeffery Bland as one of my nutrition professors in naturopathic medical school. Dr. Bland is the internationally recognized founder of “functional medicine”, which addresses the underlying causes of disease by partnering closely with patients to examine the interactions between their genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors. Learn more at: Dr Bland's Site and The Institute for Functional Medicine.

I’m also an activist. When my daughter, Jasmin, was a baby, I took a sabbatical to lead the legislative campaign to license naturopathic doctors as primary health care providers in California. It was a challenging journey, but we were successful and now 38 million Californians can work with licensed naturopathic doctors to restore their health.

Finally, I’m a nature girl.  Besides cooking, my favorite things to do are hike, dance and work up a good sweat in a yoga class. These things keep me balanced and energized to get out there and do the work I love!
Please join me in my kitchen and let’s grow your health together.