Welcome to Dr. Sally’s Kitchen, where I use food as medicine to create delicious meals with the power to heal.

I made this website for you: it's a guide and resource to help educate and support you to create vibrant health. Here you'll find a combination of the right food, supplements and lifestyle shifts that will help you on your journey.

Think of this as a bridge from my clinic to your kitchen: where you can access my personal recipes, as well as the latest science about key ingredients and how to eat to improve common health problems.

Imagine how good you’ll feel when you know how to use food to restore your metabolism! Soon you’ll be craving foods that will help you feel great!


Let me teach you how tO:

  • Prep delicious, Plant Based meals that are hypoallergenic, gluten and dairy-free. That doesn't mean you don't need some high quality protein, so for those in the Paleo camp, I cook with fish, poultry and meat (sustainably-farmed, grass-fed and antibiotic-free, of course)! Just open my RX RECIPES BOX and enjoy!
  • Eat to beat a health problem: I’m blogging about how to boost energy, balance blood sugar, reduce pain and inflammation, and strengthen immunity. Just click on HEAL YOUR BODY to learn about the array of conditions that improve with dietary and lifestyle changes.
  • Discover the medicinal benefits of everyday foods: Just click on FOOD PHARMACY to learn about Nature’s chemical messengers in every bite.

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