It's a New Year and A New You!


Literally. Your amazing body is constantly renewing itself: recycling old cells and recreating new ones, 24/7.

Did you know that every day, the cells lining your intestinal tract and skin are shed as a new layer surfaces? Every month, your liver cells are replaced and each year, your skeleton is rebuilt.  Automatically, without your conscious thought.

Take advantage of the opportunity to support these regenerative processes by gifting your body the raw materials it needs to create vibrant health….starting with real, clean food!  

You’ll quickly feel the difference. I’ll show you how the simple act of dropping 3 common stressors and replacing them with 3 healthy actions will revitalize your whole system!

I do this every January…will you join me?

Out With The Old - Sugar, Wheat and Alcohol

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1) SLASH THE SUGAR: The single most inflammatory food people consume is sugar, breeding diabetes, heart disease and cancer, to name a few.  For 30 days, cut out sugary cereals, sodas, “energy drinks”, cookies, ice cream (and all that stuff we’ve been programmed to crave since childhood).

Instead, choose an apple with almond butter, a corn thin with sliced avocado and tomatoes, or grab a banana and a handful of cashews.

You’ll find that your energy, moods and cravings stabilize.


2) DITCH THE WHEAT:  Not everyone reacts to gluten and gliadin, the inflammatory proteins in wheat, rye and barley (and beer, cookies, bread, scones, crackers, etc.) to the same degree. But we all have some reaction to these toxins, ranging from a little bloating or heartburn to full-blown Celiac disease.

You’ll discover how great you feel when you don’t eat any wheat products for 1 month. You’re likely to notice better skin, improved digestion and more energy within the first week or two.

Plus, it leaves more room for phytonutrient-rich veggies! Replace wheat with roasted root veggies, brown rice, quinoa or organic corn polenta, which provide B vitamins, fiber and satisfaction during the cold wintery months ahead.

3) ELIMINATE ALCOHOL:  Admit it: no matter much you love it, you know that it is taking a toll. Alcohol is a sugary toxin that wrecks havoc, from the gut to your liver and brain.  Daily alcohol over decades adds up to fatty liver, America’s latest epidemic.

So instead of drinking something that weakens your resolve tonight, try a “mocktail” of sparkling water with anti-oxidant rich POM Cherry juice and a squeeze of lime, or sip a cup of one of my faves: Yogi Teas “Lemon Ginger” tea.

Drinking something else really delicious allows you to move through those after-work cravings, into a less toxic, more relaxing evening.

And In With The New

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1) HYDRATE with pure clean water: start your day with 8-12 oz. of warm water and a big squeeze of lemon. I learned this tip in naturopathic medical school decades ago, and it makes a difference: it flushes your liver, kidneys and intestines and preps your metabolism to function optimally. Drink another 2 quarts of pure water throughout the day. Remember, we’re 72 % water, just like Mother Earth


2) EAT A PROTEIN POWERED BREAKFAST (especially if you usually don’t)! Break your overnight fast with a protein-rich breakfast within 1-2 hours of rising.

Try eggs on a bed of spinach, avocado and tomatoes, have some Greek yogurt with berries and nuts or try an “updated hash” made with chicken sausage, Yukon gold potatoes, red onions and greens. YUM! For those abstaining from animal products, a high quality rice/pea protein powder blended with berries, banana and kale works wonders. Protein powers our muscles, enzymes, hormones and neurotransmitters to even out energy and mood swings.

3) MOVE DAILY: Schedule 30-60 minutes of movement each day and your whole metabolism shifts into fat burning mode.  Just the simple act of brisk-walking builds bone density, collateral circulation and supports detoxification. Add stretching to the mix and you’ve got a program that aligns the body and corrects postural problems.

So join me in treating yourself to this January lifestyle upgrade - your body, mind and spirit will thank you!