Good Morning, Sunshine!

Want to sail through the morning with solid energy, sustained focus and cruise into lunch without caving into the muffins someone left out?

Of course you do, and that’s why I’m sharing my favorite Savory, Protein-Powered Breakfasts that you can have ready in 15 minutes or less (while prepping school lunches and checking email)! 

They’re all low-carb, gluten-free, and dairy-free (although you may use a little sheep or goat cheese to make the Florentine scramble creamy). Half of these recipes involve eggs, but since not everyone handles them well, there’s a set of recipes that don’t involve eggs: Updated Hash, Lox Crisps and Turkey Sausage Bites. Stay tuned for these recipes to be rolled in the next few weeks.

Why breakfast? Numerous studies demonstrate that a protein-rich breakfast: 

  • Helps maintain energy and focus
  • Keeps your blood sugar balanced and keeps you full until lunchtime
  • Reduces cravings later in the day
  • Is associated with weight loss and lower rates of diabetes and heart disease

Since the 1970s, we’ve seen nearly half of all Americans skip breakfast, during which time the rates of obesity, diabetes and heart disease have skyrocketed. 

That’s partially because a heartier breakfast has been replaced by more refined carbs and sugar in our cereals, baked goods and coffee drinks. 

With diabetes and pre-diabetes now reaching epidemic proportions, it’s time to take charge of our health and reverse the wave of chronic disease before it gets a stronghold!

Being “too busy” with “no time” to prep food is the usual reason I hear patients say they skip this important meal. 

The benefits of prioritizing just 15 minutes to feed your amazing body will pay off big!  You can eliminate that spaced-out, cranky feeling and cut cravings by simply eating a protein-powered breakfast. 

And, whenever possible, please sit and eat breakfast slowly, savoring the flavor and goodness (rather than gobbling it on the freeway)! Need I say more?




EGGS: 5 Reasons They’re Nature’s Perfect Breakfast Protein!

1) Eggs contain all 9 essential amino acids (the building blocks of protein), which are needed to create muscles, hormones, neurotransmitters, skin, hair, nails and bones. 

2) Two eggs provide around 12 grams of high-quality protein, about one-quarter of the average person’s protein needs over the course of the day. (Protein needs vary with age, activity level and state of health).

2) They’re very low in calories: just 78 calories in a medium egg.

3) Go for the yolks! Egg yolks are rich in choline, a member of B vitamin family, which forms the foundation of the neurotransmitter, acetylcholine, necessary for memory and cognition. Choline helps build strong but flexible cell membranes.

4) Eggs are easy to fix, and can be boiled ahead for easy transport.

5) Eggs have been vindicated as the cause of elevated blood cholesterol and the ban on them lifted with the 2015 edition of Dietary Guidelines for Americans. You can safely eat 2 per day without fearing heart disease. 

But what if I’m allergic to eggs? Let’s face it, not everyone digests eggs well. I’ve run thousands of food antibody tests and many people carry antibodies to eggs. But not everyone experiences symptoms when they eat eggs. If you’re not sure how they affect you, try excluding eggs for 2-4 weeks, then reintroduce them, carefully monitoring your body’s response. If you experience increased bloating, gas or indigestion, eczema, sinus congestion or other symptoms, take note: eggs might not be your perfect protein. 



Successful Strategies To Save Time On Busy Mornings

Plan ahead: Keep the basics on hand: eggs, spinach/greens, red onions, ripe tomatoes, sheep feta or creamy goat cheese, Yukon gold or sweet potatoes.

Multitask: Set the timer for 6 minutes and put on your make-up or shave while the soft-boiled eggs simmer. Keep your laptop nearby and check email while the Updated Hash sizzles away!

Prep the night before
Prep tomorrow’s breakfast as you’re assembling dinner, for an even faster start. Set aside a little chopped onion for a morning scramble or hash. Microwave the potatoes the night before. Buy bagged mixes of baby kale, chard and spinach to use by the handful. 

Let dinner be your breakfast
When you’re in a real rush, it’s amazing how good last night’s sautéed veggies taste with a fried egg on top! 




What if you just can’t palate much in the morning? 

For some, just the thought of breakfast turns their tummy. If so, then begin your day with a mug of hot lemon water to hydrate and stimulate peristalsis (the rhythmic contraction of the intestines that results in a good morning elimination)!  As your digestive system “wakes up”, you’ll find your appetite kicks in for a healthy breakfast to follow.  

Stay tuned in! I will be rolling out one power packed 15 minute breakfast recipe per week for the next several weeks.