Root Cause Driver #2 and The Healthy Aging Secrets Webinar

The Recipe for Chronic Disease:

Root Cause Driver #2: Insulin Resistance and Diabesity

What was your college breakfast? Mine was a Dunkin Donuts Bear Claw and a cup of coffee. Luckily, I figured out early on that it was leaving me sick and tired a few hours later. That’s when I took a nutrition class that changed the course of my life.  

That seemingly innocent white crystal sitting in the sugar bowl on our kitchen counter really is an addictive substance that promotes inflammation, diabetes and eventually heart disease, cancer and dementia…when eaten in excess. 

And of course, that’s how we Americans do it!

When we eat sugar (and other refined and processed carbs), our pancreas secretes insulin to carry the sugar from the bloodstream into the cells to help create energy. 

Each and every cell membrane has insulin receptors, which bind with insulin (like a key in a lock) to carry the sugar across the cell membrane and into the cell where it can be used.

But a steady diet of sugar dulls the insulin receptors, effectively turning them off, leaving sugar in the bloodstream, which causes the condition known as “insulin resistance”. 

When insulin can’t do its job, blood sugar levels rise to the point that damage occurs and type 2 or “age related” diabetes results. (But now teens are developing it too!)

Insulin resistance promotes a vicious cycle of inflammation, with more sugar being stored as fat, more inflammatory compounds being released from the fat, leading to a range of chronic health problems. 

Diabesity is the term used to describe the condition of diabetes, coupled with obesity and it is killing us and bankrupting our country.

News flash: 9 in 10 cases of diabetes could be prevented with lifestyle medicine! 

Insulin resistance occurs 10 years before the diagnosis of diabetes is usually made, so let’s get off the blood sugar roller coaster now while there is still time. 

In the Healthy Aging Reset, my online course starting on September 24th, we’ll cover six of these key drivers of the chronic disease epidemic. 

Knowing how to address these root causes gives you the power to intervene early in this process and reduce your risk of diabetes and the subsequent blindness, numbness and tingling of neuropathy and kidney damage that follows. 

Oh, and you’ll be reducing your risk of heart disease simultaneously, since they’re very closely related! 

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