Root Cause Driver #4: Toxicity and Chronic Disease

Are you struggling with brain fog? Stuck with that “tired and toxic” feeling? Does your tummy bother you? If so, you’re not alone! 

Over this last century, we crafty little humans have developed and released well over 80,000 chemicals into our environment. Now they’re present in our food, water and air, as well as our personal and home care products. 

From pesticides to jet fuel and dry cleaning fluids, we’re consuming chemicals that are “new to nature” and pose a challenge for our body to detoxify.

Add to that a range of medications, heavy metals and microbial toxins (viral, bacterial infections and mycotoxins from mold) and the situation can overwhelm our body’s natural ability to detoxify these compounds.

Some petrochemicals are even considered “endocrine disruptor chemicals” (EDC’s), which interfere with the body’s hormonal function, and drive weight gain, inflammation and Type 2 Diabetes!  

Now we humans are the guinea pigs in our own grand experiment and the data suggests a toxic problem.

But there is hope!


Luckily, our bodies have elaborate detoxification systems built into every cell, along with a set of magnificent “organs of elimination” to clear the toxins from our system. 

And we have the free will to reduce exposure to a certain amount of these compounds by strict avoidance; eat clean, fresh organic food; use “green cleaning” products and other strategies. 

In the Healthy Aging Reset, my digital course starting TODAY, we’ll explore the opportunities to turn the tide of toxic exposure and support our detox systems so we can start feeling good again! 

Addressing these root causes now gives you the power to intervene early in this process and reduce your risk of a range of chronic health problems.

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Dr. Sally