Simon and Garfunkel Rub

Hope your holiday is off to a great start! I know we’re all ready to get out into Nature this long weekend, so I’ve prepped one of my fast and favorite summer recipes for you!

This rub blends the herbs from Simon and Garfunkel’s classic song, “Scarborough Fair”, to create a savory rub that is positively mouthwatering. It only takes a few minutes to prepare and is the perfect rub for chicken. 

Use it to kick up the flavor of roasted potatoes, zucchini, tomatoes, carrots and other veggies. Just toss the veggies with a drizzle of olive, salt and pepper. Then give them a final dusting of the herb rub and roast or grill as usual. 

I made this for a recent BBQ and everyone raved about how the rub enhanced the flavor of the chicken. While I’m sharing this with you for the 4th of July and summer grilling, be sure to give it an encore performance around Thanksgiving! The sage and other herbs are the perfect accent with turkey and dressing!