Are you protected from the Silent Epidemic that is killing Americans?

Could you be a victim of the “Silent Epidemic” that is killing Americans and bankrupting our country?

Silent: as in, you don’t know that it is happening to you until it hits.

Epidemic: as in, a widespread occurrence of a disease in a community.

It is the silent epidemic of chronic disease that is killing us. And the statistics are sobering:

The US Centers for Disease Control defines chronic disease as the cluster of heart disease and stroke, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and cancer, with chronic lung and kidney problems following close behind.

The bad news is: these collective conditions kill and disable more Americans than all of our other health problems combined. 

They rob us of our families, our function and our fortunes: 90% of health care spending is on the treatment of people with chronic disease… amounting to a staggering $3 trillion dollars annually

The good news is: these diseases are often both preventable and reversible in their early stages.

The best news is: when you address their root causes, you’ll be simultaneously reducing your risk of this whole set of life-threatening conditions.

Imagine…improving your energy and the way you feel and look, with the lifetime bonus of a lower risk of having a stroke or heart attack, diabetes, Alzheimer’s or cancer.

It’s not only possible, it’s doable. And it is not hard to do.

It involves doing little things that add up to good health: 

…Like eating a few servings of fruit and veggies each day. 

…Like getting up off of that couch to move, stretch and sweat a few times a week. 

…Like managing our stress with breathing, meditating and deeply relaxing a few minutes every day. 

And it involves cutting back on some of the “indulgences” we’ve come to think of as normal in the new millennium: daily sugary drinks, greasy pizzas, a bottle of wine and hours of binge watching people lie, cheat and kill one another. Yep, we humans do this stuff!

The fact is that people were happier, and heart disease, diabetes, cancer and dementia were not as prevalent just 100 years ago when we worked to grow our own food, slept according to the rhythm of Nature and spent time in deep conversation with those we love. 

Isn’t it time we take a good hard look at how we’re living and ask ourselves if that is really the future we want to create? 

Wouldn’t it be more interesting to adjust course towards healthy aging now, and enjoy the rest of your life with more vitality and less pain and disease?

In the coming weeks, I’ll share more information about the common drivers of this unnecessary epidemic and how you can reduce your risk and turn it all around.

So, stand up, shake off this sad story and take an action that your body will thank you for: make a great meal, take an after dinner stroll with a friend or a soak in a hot bath before bed, breathing away the days troubles.

Next week I’m releasing my new E-book “Ten Healthy Aging Hacks”. It’s filled with tips to grow your health, while I’m busy writing my digital course for a September launch. Stay tuned!

Together, we can turn the tide on this silent epidemic, revitalize our lives and pull our economy out of this downward spiral by taking charge of our health!

Be well,

Dr. Sally

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