Take The Wheel To Grow Your Health

We all know our health care system is broken. You can’t turn on the news without catching a debate on best how to fix it.

The challenge is that we don’t really have a “health care” system: we have a “disease management system”.

The U.S. spends more money per capita than any country, yet our disease burden is higher than in comparable countries.

Now don’t get me wrong: this disease-management system is doing a great job creating new drugs to target chronic diseases, clearing clogged arteries and fighting life-threatening infections.

But while antibiotics proved miraculous in resolving infectious disease in the first half of the last century, modern medicine was totally unprepared for the epidemic of chronic, degenerative diseases that have emerged since then.

It is now very clear that the onslaught of refined and processed “convenience foods” have led to the rise in obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer and dementia. Couple bad food with little exercise and we have ourselves a chronic disease epidemic.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control, this cluster of chronic diseases is bankrupting our country, to the tune of $3 trillion dollars annually. https://www.cdc.gov/chronicdisease/about/costs/index.htm


But as “consumers”, we’ve been asleep at the wheel, lulled by the fast-food industry, the entertainment industry and modern medicine into believing that how we live, move and eat is irrelevant. Just carry on, wait until it breaks and then there’s an array of pills to cure what ails you!

This problem hasn’t been solved because we’ve been looking externally for the fix: to our doctors, to pharmaceuticals, insurers, hospitals, government and technology.

The truth is: there is no doctor that can cure these conditions because they are the result of the way we eat, move and live.

And that is where YOU come in.

While we’re waiting for these institutions to sort things out … let’s each take charge of our own health!

Instead of remaining a passive recipient of care, waiting for our annual physical to find out if we’re sick yet, let’s tap into our body’s powerful healing capacities.

Let’s actively harness and support those processes with tender, loving self-care.

Self-care Check-in

Try checking in with yourself over the course of the day to discover how you’re doing.
- Do you need a break to stretch and walk?
- When was the last time you “fed and watered” yourself?
- Did you get eight hours of rest last night?

In my digital course “The Healthy Aging Revolution” coming in September, we’ll go deep into the root causes that are accelerating aging and even deeper into the path towards healthy aging: positive self-talk, nourishing food, regular movement, rejuvenating rest and developing a supportive community.

Without these foundational pieces in place, our innate healing processes are compromised and dis-ease is bound to result over time.

The bottom line: your body has an amazing ability to heal, when properly supported. As its owner, you alone have the power to shift your living to actively cultivate health.

When you do, you’ll set into motion the actions that can reverse the tide of chronic, degenerative disease that is ravaging our country.

This puts YOU in the drivers’ seat. So throw yourself a lifesaver (no, not the candy lifesaver) and take the wheel as you discover that the true healing power of Nature is in your own hands.

I hope you’ve read my “10 Healthy Aging Hacks” eBook. If not, you can grab it here: https://www.thehealthyagingrevolution.com/10-healthy-aging-hack

So breathe deep and feel gratitude for all that your body is doing for you in this very moment.

Next, we’ll look at the Super-Agers…those who are thriving in their senior years and how you can grow up to be just like them!

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