Why I’m Starting a Revolution

Rev-o-lu-tion (noun)

  • A fundamental change in the way of thinking about something

  • A paradigm shift 

So why start a revolution? 

…Because a revolution is what it’s going to take for us to wake up, reclaim our health and prevent this epidemic of chronic disease that is claiming countless lives and bankrupting our country. 

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control reports that 90% of healthcare dollars are spent treating a cluster of chronic (but preventable) conditions: heart disease and stroke, diabetes, dementia and cancer. 

Chances are that you or one of your friends or family has been touched by these conditions. Most American adults have one or more of them.

I think it is TRAGIC that we’re spending $3 trillion dollars a year “managing” a set of chronic disease that can usually be reversed or prevented in the early stages.

It’s happened because we’ve (unintentionally) handed over the primary responsibility for our health to our doctor and the disease management system. In this system, the doctor holds the decision-making power (information) and access to treatment (primarily medication). 

This top-down approach has disempowered us and left us in the passive position of a “consumer’” of medicine. 

We’ve been led to believe that there isn’t much we can do to prevent disease: that it’s too selfish, too hard or just too inconvenient to actually take good care of ourselves. 

But with the average life expectancy in the U.S. now approaching 80 years, we either commit to changing the way we live, or expect to spend our final decades growing weaker and sicker, while we watch what little savings we’ve accrued go to paying for our perpetual care. 

I think we’re smarter than that. 

According to a new Harris Poll, supported by the Samueli Foundation, “…nearly 88% (of patients) seriously value self-care. Nearly 72% wish their physicians engaged with them about it”. 

My patients are ready to help themselves get healthy, instead of abrogating their responsibility to a “disease management system” (that is really more of a health care “market” than a functioning health care system). 

Americans are less willing to just sit around, eat junk and ignore our bodies until they break down. 

We’re realizing that WE hold the keys to our health and we can break this epidemic when we engage in self-care.

Now, this does not mean that you abandon your primary care doctor.

  • It does mean that you step up to take a leadership role in your health. 

  • It does mean getting curious, learning to understand the messages your body is giving you and taking inspired action.

  • It means going to your doctor prepared to engage in creating a proactive plan to identify and address the root causes of disease so they can be prevented. 

And that is where The Healthy Aging Revolution comes in. 

Through this digital course (launching in September) you will:

  • Learn about the power of your body’s natural healing systems

  • Develop a deeper awareness of the drivers of the epidemic of heart disease, diabetes, dementia, cancer and more 

  • Learn key strategies to implement now, so you don’t suffer the fate of your parents or loved ones 

  • Reduce your risk of a heart attack because you’ve addressed the root causes

  • Get your cravings under control so you can lose weight and put diabetes behind you

  • Clear your brain fog and get a plan in place to prevent dementia

  • Develop an action plan to take to your doctor for testing 

As a naturopathic doctor and acupuncturist with three decades of experience in functional medicine, I’m one of the leaders of this revolution.

And I want you to join me! 

Imagine leading yourself and your family on the path towards health and feeling, looking and living well in your next decades.

It definitely beats the alternative! 


This week, take a few minutes to make a list of any health issues you’d like to resolve. Review your family history and note the major killers. Record any symptoms that are bothering you. (They’re valuable feedback from your body to your mind that something needs to change). 

Next week, we’ll take a good look at what those symptoms REALLY mean, and how you can use them to regain your vitality.

I hope you’ve read my “10 Healthy Aging Hacks” eBook. If not, you can grab it here:

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